How to Successfully Self-train

Training alone may have its advantages and disadvantages. But motivating yourself is the first and foremost trait you should have to be successful whether you are training alone or with a partner. So how do you motivate yourself? Here are some ways to help you keep on track while training alone.

Plan and Achieve Goals

Interval training is one way of improving conditioning. Say, you workout for 30 seconds then rest for the next 30 seconds and do that in a cycle. That may be effective, but if you do not have a goal in mind, your training is no use.


Involve money in your training, and you’ll surely be motivated. Prepare an amount and set it aside or hand it to someone you trust for safekeeping. Here’s how you will do it. First set your goal, for example, how many pounds you will lose or kilometers you will run. Give the money to a trusted person and instruct them to keep the money if you fail to achieve your goal. This punishment is one exciting way of motivating yourself, so choose a challenging goal.

Gauge Yourself

You tend to be self-satisfied when training on your own. But remember that you are still in a competition – only with yourself, so push yourself the more and try to exceed your goals.

Follow a Program

While on your training, you tend to lose interest when you do not see results right away. But hang on and stick to your program, and it won’t be long enough you’ll get the desired results you want. Just be patient because it may take 12 weeks, six months, or even a year for you to achieve your goal. It will not be easy but remember, no pain, no gain.

Mind Game

As the saying goes, “What the mind can conceive, the body achieves.” So set your mind on your goal and believe that you can do it. Do this every day, and it would be effortless being on track.


Set a penalty for every goal you did not achieve like one burpee or an additional mile for every meter missed. It will develop your self -discipline, and willpower to finish your goals no matter what. Make sure also to do the penalties and do not cheat.

Extra Mile

Challenge yourself by adding spice to your training. Take, for instance, your goal is to walk one mile. But instead of walking only, carry something in your back like a barbell or a yoke. Midway, you may start to think of giving up because you can already feel the pain all over your body. But this is the time where you challenge yourself, set your mind, and exercise will power. It will be so much worth it if you finish the task.

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