Why Eyes are Important to Live a Happy Life

The eyes are the mirror of one’s soul. You communicate, interact, and accomplish your everyday tasks using your eyes. Unfortunately, not all got the best eyesight. There are lots of eye conditions that sometimes lead to incompetence or total loss of confidence.


To help you out in protecting your eyes, renowned ophthalmologist Mitchell Strominger, M.D., shared the following tips.

Tips to Keep a Healthy Eye State

  • Check Your Family History. Whether you like or not, there are times that you are destined to endure failing eyesight. But you don’t have to worry since the majority of the eye illnesses are treatable once diagnosed early. The culprit could be the genes that you inherited from your parents. Now, for you to early detect these problems, ask your parents if your family have some history of macular degeneration, glaucoma, lazy eyes, or even crossed eyes. And once you find out that the family has some issues on eyesight, immediately consult a trusted ophthalmologist.
  • Watch Your Health. There are times that you still have some issues on your eyes even if your family is clear from any eye-related anomalies- maybe there’s another culprit.  You must be aware that some medical conditions target the eyes as part of the complications. Perhaps you have a high sugar level or diabetes, could be that you have high blood pressure, or even liver disease could eventually lead to eyesight failure. Just to make your assumptions clear and conclusive, have a medical checkup first.
  • Check Your Eyes Regularly. As early as three years old, subject your kid for an eye examination. During the adolescence period, a two-year interval eye checkup routine must be conducted. But if in case you experience eye issues like recurring pain, eye-crossing, you can’t see things at distant places, immediately head on to your doctor.

These are only three of the ways to keep healthy eyesight. Remember to treat your eyes well; otherwise, your future will become unclear!


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