Air Pollution Destroys People’s Psychological Stability- Research Confirms

The possible relationship between air quality and mental illnesses has been a major subject of various scientific debates in the last decades. And just recently, research finally cut the chase.

The said study confirmed that, indeed, dirty air results in psychological distress.


The researchers used around 150 million people as subjects of the study. Based on their assessments, they found out that people with bipolar problems reside in extremely air polluted areas.


To support the initial claim, the researchers also revisited the insurance records of the United States. After checking all the available data, including the claimants’ statistics, they discovered that next to ethnicity, the quality of air is another major factor that dictates the thinking pattern of a person.

Another research conducted in London suggested the impact of air quality on the normal functioning of the brain. In fact, there were several cases of teenage depressions reported in one city that’s been reported to have very poor air quality.


Despite these pieces of evidence, there are still some skeptical minds who do not believe in this research. They stressed that there’s no direct link between the air in the atmosphere to mental health since the data used in the experiment did not look into the specific address of the patients. And since you cannot say that all the places in a particular city have the same level of air quality (specific address got its own air quality index), the results of this experiment is not conclusive at all. However, London-based researcher

Helen Fisher said that this study is a good reminder for all to act and help save the planet.

She said that the prevalent problem in air pollution must be taken seriously for it definitely affects our health, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.


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